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Tragedy in Tanzania

On February 24, an accident in Arusha, Tanzania, killed 25 people and injured 21, including my wife, Joële Zeller. In this tragedy, we lost 11 of our key leaders in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. By God's grace, my wife is recovering well, but it takes time.

We informed you of the situation in a letter sent at the end of February, inviting you to contribute financially to the needs of the victims and their families. Many offerings and fundraising have been made around the world in the YWAM family and the wider body of Christ, and we have been moved to see the generosity and compassion shown.

We'd especially like to thank you for your donations in French-speaking Switzerland. Over CHF 130,000 was raised. We were able to help repatriate the bodies of the victims, support the Arusha base with the many costs involved, help with repatriation costs and medical care for the injured, and create funds to help widows and educate the children of deceased leaders. We were also able to help finance funerals in several places. The families, as well as the YWAM teams involved, have been deeply touched by the solidarity shown in this situation, and they express their deepest gratitude.

It will take time, but we now place all our trust in the One who alone is able to bring life out of death. So thank you all for your love, your prayers and your generosity.

Guy Zeller


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