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Evangelizing at the Olympic Games

Since 1972 in Munich, YWAM has been organizing events to praise God, pray and evangelize during the Olympic Games, the sporting event that brings thousands of people from all nations together in one place for two weeks.

In 2024, Paris will host the Olympics for the third time after 1900 and 1924. An estimated 13.5 million people will come to the French capital for the event, doubling the city's population. The atmosphere will be noisy, joyful, festive, and conducive to receiving a positive message: Jesus is the hope of the world!

YWAM Paris Connect is organizing a mega evangelism project. In partnership with local churches and charities, we're expecting nearly 1,000 participants from all kinds of nations, ready to share the Gospel in the city. A follow-up system will be set up so that local churches can accompany all those who wish to discover the faith. The mornings will be devoted to praise, prayer and training, and we'll be out on the streets evangelizing in all sorts of different ways in the afternoons. In the evenings, we'll be reaching out to the public with concerts and other events. It's possible to come for one to three weeks between July 21 and August 11. Why not mobilize your youth group and embark on an adventure, take on challenges and allow God to use you to see lives transformed? Information and registration:


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