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My adventure with YWAM - Noemi

My name is Noemi, I'm 21 and I did a DTS in Marseille at the beginning of 2022. I saw how God guided everything: I wanted to go as far away as possible, to South America, but I ended up in Marseille, only 6 hours by train from home! I really saw how God is present in my life at every moment, how He is so great that it's impossible to pin Him down, and how He acts in my life, guides me, teaches me to know myself better, and fills me with joy, peace and assurance every day. I've also been able to develop friendships, each one unique. Friends who helped me grow, challenging me when I needed it or comforting me when I needed it. These 6 months enabled me to understand and love myself more, by developing a more direct relationship with my Creator.


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