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"Build your house", a parable for today

In our society of increasing tensions and pressures, is it still possible to imagine a simple plan for building family life?

During the Build Your House (BYH) camp, families are led to reclaim a piece of land. Once the land is chosen, they build a wooden cabin in which the whole family will sleep on the last night.

"Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain." (Ps 127:1)

By working on their priorities, remembering their family values, taking the time to stop and take stock, each family is encouraged to put in place a family project. Young people from 12 years old are accompanied in the creation of their own project. These different projects are carried out in relationship with the Creator of the family (UP), strengthening family ties (IN), and working on the vision of becoming a source of blessing for the outside world (OUT).

In our demanding daily lives, let us learn to fix our eyes on God, the architect of the family par excellence. Knowing how to build in spite of pressures and tensions is an equipment to be received intentionally.

Build your House, a practical and equipped camp! For the first time, a Families of Faith team organized the BYH in Israel last April.

Christian and Fabienne Sollberger,

Co-founders of Families of Faith

Families of Faith is the family department of King's Kids.

Through various camps and seminars, Families of Faith seeks to equip families to know God and make Him known, and for the family to intentionally become the primary place of preparation for the next generation.


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