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My adventure with YWAM - Leo

My name is Leo Brocard, I am 20 years old, and I did my DTS in YWAM Amsterdam in April 2021 and went to Ukraine for the practical phase. The idea came to me when I saw that I had 6 months free that I wanted to use to deepen my relationship with God, to know myself and to discover the world. It didn't fail, and I spent 6 incredible months with God, which laid the foundation for me to live my faith fully for the rest of my life (amen). It was also during my DTS that I started to wonder about the Bible, so I decided to stay another 10 months at YWAM to study the Bible in depth, doing a School of Biblical Studies, again in Amsterdam. Today, I am super grateful for the treasures I am discovering and can't wait to share them and continue to grow with God.


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