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My adventure with YWAM - Virginie

My name is Virginie (not my real name) and I did my DTS in spite of myself! Let's face it, I'd never have had the courage to sign up! Following a burn-out, I went to Senegal as a tourist. By a combination of divine circumstances, I ended up at JEM (which I still don't know).

One day, while helping to wash the student dormitories, I tearfully repented before God: "Lord forgive me, I love you, but not enough to do as they do." As school began, my curiosity grew and I asked to attend classes. The leaders, accomplices of the Holy Spirit, agreed! Every word moved me and I received a divine vision... A week later, I was dragging my suitcase among my African sisters, telling my work and family that I wouldn't be going home any time soon: God wants me in Africa and nothing else matters!


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