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Fragrance of faith – episode 3

Fragrance of faith is a series of documentary films telling the unique and authentic stories of today's heroes of faith. You'll discover people living out their missionary vocation in different spheres of society, such as the arts, mission, government, business, healthcare, family...

Filmed on different continents, in places rich and poor, known and unknown, this series recounts the journey of faith, obedience and perseverance of committed people, both in their successes and in their trials. We discover lives transformed, and learn about the impact of these missionaries on society and nations.

Produced by two French-speaking Jémiens, episode 3, Holy Ground, has just been released, with exclusive interviews with Landa Cope, David Cunningham, Noémie Pons, Eva Monnier and many others active in the arts, business and entertainment. You can watch it with French subtitles on their website:


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