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Easter Service 2023

We've just had a fantastic Service Easter in Yverdon, with more than 180 participants aged from 4 months to 80 years, half of whom took part in the camp and the other half joined us for the day in all kinds of projects aimed at reaching out to the population: choir, café-contact, distribution of flowers and biscuits, rubbish collection, Easter garden exhibition, football and contact with asylum seekers - practical home help...

During the morning plenary sessions, we were reminded of the meaning of Good Friday and Easter, with the sending of Jesus, the great Missionary. The participants were impacted and many experienced profound things and revelations: God is raising up a young generation that is thirsty. This equipped them to take to the streets in the afternoons with enthusiasm and passion.

A communal service on the Sunday that filled the Benno Besson theatre, a showing of the film Fragrance of Faith in the evening that reached over a hundred people, and a magnificent generation festival on the Place Pestalozzi on Monday also made an impact on the city. We even organized a baptism in a fountain in Place Pestalozzi for someone who wanted to discover God.

Hundreds of people were contacted over the Easter weekend, and dozens received the prayer in the street. We all came away from the camp tired, but encouraged and stimulated to make mission a way of life in our daily lives, but also to allow ourselves to be drawn into a longer-term vocation, whether in the nations or in other spheres of society.

Other MS events were also held this year in Sainte-Croix, Boudry, Corgémont and Lausanne-Ouest. Why not in your region in 2024?

Guy Zeller


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