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YWAM Publishing for the French-speaking world

French-speaking Ywam Publishing was created in 1974. In 1989, I joined the YWAM music ministry and helped on various productions; in 2002, YWAM Publishing, at a turning point, was considering stopping. With the music ministry, we took it over. We had to restructure and discover the management work involved: the world of publishing, working with printers, graphic designers and distributors .... But thanks be to God, things have started up again.

During these 48 years, YWAM Publishing has had a tremendous impact on the French-speaking Christian world, notably through the publication of the four songbooks "J'aime l'Éternel". A large number of churches in the French-speaking world discovered and used these songs in their worship services. The records, then the cassettes and then the CDs made it possible to make these songs known almost everywhere. YWAM Publishing also published many books that stimulated the Church in the mission dimension. All these products have been able to edify many Christians.

Today, there is no question of abandoning our mission. We have to constantly readapt ourselves by offering our resources in all possible and imaginable forms; Mp3, Pdf, E-Pub, Audio-books, Downloads, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc. The interest is still there, but we have to be creative if we want to continue. We are still walking by faith, expecting God for every new thing.

Sylvain Freymond, director for French-speaking

YWAM Publishing since 2002


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