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YWAM Châtel - A passion for training - healing - restoration

From the beginning in 1986, God gave YWAM Châtel the vision to receive people for a time of restoration and community life. In 1997, Dr. Bruce Thompson took the foundation and introduced the training aspect with seminars and schools.

Many Christians have faith in their heads and doubt in their hearts. A wounded heart keeps us from living the life we intellectually know God is calling us to. Offering emotional healing is therefore like evangelism of the heart. Through our schools of counseling, we train students to accompany people on a path of restoration and deeper encounter with their Creator. Our wounds are the result of a combination of painful relationships, our choices and the enemy. Likewise, healing comes from a combination of healthy relationships, good choices and the truth and power of God in our lives. We want to provide this type of living and learning environment. Some come for a few days to be refreshed at a seminar or personal retreat. Others come for several months or years to be trained and train others. The beauty and tranquility of Châtel directs people to the Creator. We look forward to welcoming you here - to be blessed and to become a blessing to others.

Martin Bauert


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