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The Hofmann family in Myanmar

Our family of 5 has been working with YWAM in Myanmar for 9 years. It is an honor for us to be able to live close to the precious different tribes that inhabit the mountains of Shan State. Most of them are Buddhist and animist.

We run several Christian schools and train their teachers. In addition, we are involved in community development and discipleship of new believers. After several years of watching our youth group get involved in drug addiction and gang or military recruitment, we decided to open a vocational training center where they could receive training in sewing, cooking, carpentry, agriculture, computer skills, languages and the Bible. By the grace of God, in 2021, we were able to buy a piece of land and the construction of the center is underway. To do this, we employ about 20 young people and make our own mud bricks.

Myanmar is suffering from the longest civil war in the world and for the last 2 years, the country has fallen back into an extreme phase of this war. This implies a lot of displaced people and for us, a great work among the refugees. In the midst of suffering and despair, God challenges us to continue our work with even more fervor. To bring hope where there is none and to build where there is destruction. The enemy intends to do harm, but God will change him for good. This is definitely a time of Harvest in Myanmar.

For information or to support the project, you can visit our website:

Jeshi and Estelle Hofmann


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