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PCYFM in Nigeria

Nigeria: more than 215 million inhabitants, almost half of whom are under 18 years old! The most populous nation and the leading economic power in Africa thanks to its human and natural resources. A gigantic potential! Nigerians are fighting men and women, active and determined for better or for worse! The South has millions of Christians. The name of God is in every mouth, in families, in schools, in political discourse amidst staggering corruption, staggering poverty and bewildering resource management. It is in this context that 32 students, 18 French-speaking, 14 English-speaking, 8 children, 15 staff members, 14 African nations and 2 Europeans came together to experience a 3-month PCYFM, training to work among children, youth and families. A drop in the ocean and yet God has worked deeply in our lives! Our hearts are so grateful and filled with new friendships and revelations! Almost every student has experienced miracles to reach the school braving barriers of language, visas, finances, illness and intimidation! At the end of the training, many of them are planning to start King's Kids in new places, fulfilling many of the promises they received. This is very encouraging and we can't wait to see what they do in the years to come!

Joële Zeller

Why not attend the next PCYFM school in French-speaking Switzerland? It's bilingual French/English. You can also ask for the open weeks programme to follow only one topic that interests you.

Location: Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

Price: CHF 1500/month all inclusive

Dates: 9 January - 31 June 2023



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