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As we approach the end of the year, we are happy to share that out of the 7 schools we will be operating in quarter four, 3 will have a clear biblical emphasis. Our SBS will be tackling the final stretch in their year-long study, and they will be joined by our BCCOL and DBS schools. Beginning in Lausanne, the Bible Core Course on Location will then travel to Egypt, Israel, Greece, Turkey, and Italy to complete its study in the actual locations where the Bible was written. For future students seeking to enroll in a bible school, the BCC can be an excellent place to start if you opt to continue your studies with SBS because it also counts as credit there. Meanwhile, the DBS will be taught bilingually in Korean and English. This is the second iteration of the DBS being taught bilingual, and we are excited to see how the diversity of the class brings further revelation to the students and their studies. The DBS follows the red thread of the Bible, looking at the plan of redemption God has for humanity from beginning to end in just 3 months.


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