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New King's Kids Production

Christmas in July? Unusual, but not impossible!

Around fifty people gathered at the Château de Vaulruz to record the new King's Kiods album: Un coin de ciel (A corner of Heaven). These twelve new and varied songs will plunge you into the Christmas atmosphere, with deep lyrics and catchy melodies, set to high-quality arrangements.

At the same time, the youngsters attending the July camp were able to develop their artistic talents through drama and choreography workshops. The production of a video clip was the icing on the cake of a week that delighted young and old, and delighted the heart of God. Indeed, the good news of Jesus' coming is valid all year round!

The "Un coin de ciel" CD is an album for all generations.

It will be available from December from YWAM Editions.

We need your help to finance this project. You can help by buying the CD and/or making a donation to the YWAM Editions account, mentioning: CD Un coin de ciel.

Marjorie Waefler


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