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Nature & Character of God

"To know God and to make Him known." This motto has carried YWAM for over sixty years. However, many, after spending a few years knowing Him, move on to "making Him known" forgetting that knowing God is a constant search and thirst to be maintained.

The Lord has been challenging me in recent years by the lack of knowledge of God among His people. And by the lack of desire to know Him as the primary motivation in all that we do.

At one camp, the participants were enthusiastically singing, "My Redeemer lives!" At the end of the song, I took the microphone and asked them, "What is a Redeemer?" Embarrassed silence... Young people love worship, but if we don't give a clear theological foundation to their experience, it will be short-lived, impressionable, and self-centered. For there is a great risk of starting to worship the experience of worship rather than the One for whom it is intended.

I have been working for the past six years to explore the Bible to discover all that God says about Himself. I see that we have neglected important aspects of His person, and we cannot claim to know Him if we only take what is convenient for us, accept only "His kindness" and neglect "His sternness"... (cf. Rom 11:22)

So, why don't we get back on track to know Him and thus make Him better known?

Guy Zeller

The "Nature & Character of God" series consists of three small books of 30 meditations each year to help us meditate on who God is, to learn to know and love Him better, and thus to serve Him better. The first three can be ordered from YWAM (in French only, sorry!):

Price: CHF 9.00 for 72 pages each.


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