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  • jemsuisseromande

More than 100 students at YWAM Lausanne

The final quarter of this year has gotten off to a strong start. We have well over a hundred students in 7 different courses. It is a true joy to have so many wonderful students all seeking to further their relationship with God in different ways. This excitement is infectious and the campus is a buzz. At the moment, we have Foundations for Counseling Ministry (FCM), French & English Discipleship Training School (DTS), English & Korean Discipleship Bible School (DBS), Bible Core Course on Location (BCC), English Learning for Missions (ELM), Ministry and Leadership Development School (MLD), and a School of Biblical Studies (SBS) in their final quarter. The students in these programs also come from more than 20 nations, each adding their own unique thread to the beautiful tapestry of cultures in our community. It is thrilling to think of all that God has instore for each of them.


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