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Kingdom Come in Lausanne

Beautiful night at the Rippone Square in Lausanne on October 12th with YWAM Lausanne's open community night: worship, testimonies, rap, dance, food, preaching, and many people responded to the call and received prayer! Thank you Jesus!

One of the other areas of our calling as a ministry we have been rapidly growing in this past year has been local evangelism and outreach. For many years we have sent teams into the heart of our city weekly to share the gospel. However, starting this year, we have begun to take things to another level by hosting some of our community meetings in the city as well. We call these special meetings, Kingdom Come. This format allows us to directly invite people we meet on the streets to these open meetings with worship, testimonies, performances, delicious food for everyone, and messages. These events have already proved to be very fruitful, and we are excited to continue growing in this way of reaching our city. If you would like to help make these events possible, we would like to invite you to partner with us financially to help make these events reach more people with the good news. All information about how to give can be found here.


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