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God in business

Imagine a majority of Christian disciples becoming partners with God in our workplaces in French-speaking Switzerland?

It is an immense privilege to be in the front row to observe and accompany the transformation process in the lives of more than 50 leaders in Switzerland, Madagascar, La Reunion, Canada and France. As I walk alongide these business and organizational leaders through the Business Development Training (BDT), I see that working consciously with God opens up unsuspected horizons, as evidenced by the story of Giuliano, a BDT student in Madagascar.

Ten months ago he accepted a new position as a sales executive in a well-known company there. There he took over a department that had been suffering for years. Based on what he learned in FDE, he invested in his team members by affirming them, valuing them in their mission/call and introducing an alternative culture to competition: sharing talents for a common goal. The team climate changed and Giuliano was asked to share his experiences with all the company's leaders. His numbers had exceeded all expectations, "a miracle from God" according to him. Moreover, an international company has just awarded the company the title of "best reseller".

Excellence can be achieved when one is ready to walk against the tide by consciously collaborating with God. All glory to Him alone!

Marc Stettler, Ywam Burtigny, BDT Switzerland & Madagascar


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