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Gladys Aylward Musicals

On 3 and 4 June, King's Kids's new musical had its premiere at the Théâtre Benno Besson in Yverdon. In front of 1,250 amazed spectators, the adventures of the young servant Gladys Aylward (played with great accuracy by Nikita Waefler) were brought back to life, her courage and determination commanding admiration. Setting off alone to China in the 1930s, this young woman, in whom no one believed, chose to listen to God and his call rather than to be limited by people's view of her life.

The quality of the songs, the lyrics, the choreography and the sets enabled everyone to be transported beyond the mountains and to ask themselves, like Gladys, these questions: What is my dream? What is my destiny? Wouldn't I have been born for a time like this?

Gladys Aylward - Beyond the Mountains will be touring French-speaking Switzerland and Alsace in autumn 2023. Don't forget to buy your ticket at

The show is truly magnificent, extraordinary, breathtaking... there are not enough adjectives to describe it! We were moved and shaken, but we also laughed and rejoiced! In short: a fantastic success! M-C R.

Thank you for the audacity and hard work of this wonderful multi-generational team, for the beauty of the choreography, the excellent diction and acting, and above all for your joy in proclaiming, through this real-life story, the Word of Life that our God is still speaking to us today. E.R.


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