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For a new wave that tastes mission

The vision of waves of young people going to the nations is still very much alive, and YWAM in French-speaking Switzerland wants to rediscover its vocation in mobilizing youth to bless the nations and taste mission.

In the summer of 2024, from July 20 to August 2, we want to take as many young people as possible to Togo to revive the missionary impetus of our church youth groups. This missionary trip, organized in partnership between YWAM, in particular KKI and Inter-Youth group, will be organized by the young people themselves, who will join young Togolese on site to evangelize and serve with them.

In doing so, we hope to restore YWAM's sharpness and relevance to young people in French-speaking Switzerland, by doing what God calls us to do and what Loren has modeled for us: mobilizing and enabling them to join in what God is doing in another culture, learning to activate their faith and obedience in the face of the challenges God will place before them as they share the Gospel.

What if a youth group team from your church joined this project? It would be a memorable experience, and perhaps an opportunity to stimulate vocations. All in all, it will be an extraordinary opportunity to broaden their horizons and see God at work! This project is aimed at 14-25 year-olds.

If you have any questions, please contact Guy and Joële Zeller (+41 79 246 24 69 or


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