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Community development in Egypt

While the entire Bible is meant to be relevant to our lives, one passage, Jeremiah's letter in Jer 29, is particularly relevant to refugees. After years of reading and applying this passage in the context of Sudanese refugees living in Cairo, a fundamental truth has emerged: God does not see refugees as a burden to their host nation, but potentially as a source of God's blessing (Jer 29:7).

For almost a decade, YWAM Lausanne has been involved in a community development project among Sudanese refugees in Cairo. Each year we organize numerous workshops on the biblical worldview. We have initiated a community development center run by Sudanese leaders and ourselves. It is a multi-tribal platform where Sudanese can learn a trade or pass on their skills. It is a space to fulfill their desire to bless their community. This combined approach of biblical worldview and vocational skills development has gradually changed the defeatist view that Sudanese often have, into one of empowerment, entrepreneurship and engagement.

This project regularly hosts the practical phases of many YWAM Lausanne schools. Recently, this project has become a way for YWAM Lausanne to engage in a translation project into two non-Bible languages spoken by members of our community development center. It is a joy to serve this community!

Jordan Weatherson


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