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BCC in Burtigny

Spending time in The Word is always refreshing, but when considering how to put time aside to really focus and study we all recognize the challenge. Within YWAM there are many bible courses you can sign up for. Our 9 months School of Biblical Studies is one way to look at the entirety of scripture, our 3 months schools don’t cover the whole bible, but give quality time aside to study in depth – you can look at the DBS (discipleship bible school) BCC (biblical core course) or something more creative like our Word by Heart schools.

In Burtigny we recognize that even 3 months is still a long time to be able to put aside and we wanted to make the BCC more accessible for those who have not got the possibility to take such a large amount of time out of daily life. We have developed the BCC into four 3 week sections which you can participate in and build up all of the modules to achieve the completed school and the 12 credits awarded from the University of the Nations.

Our international trainers still use the inductive study method to open up the scriptures in those weeks. Several books are studied in depth during each module to give you the depth of understanding as you would receive doing the intensive 3 month school.

If you would like to participate in one or more of these modules, please get in touch we are pleased to be able to offer a bi-lingual experience in French and in English throughout these weeks. For more information please contact

From Sam Fuenzalida and Elaine Leakey


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