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40 years of King's Kids in French-speaking Switzerland

This year, King's Kids celebrates its 40th anniversary in French-speaking Switzerland. From the "Music Machine" to Easter Services, from Quartier Libre to Tours, from local groups to the Princesses' tea party, from NIKO camps to Families of Faith camps, it's been 40 years that we've been leading children, young people and families into a tested knowledge of God and, with them, seeking to make him known. The task remains as relevant as ever, and it's an immense one. How can we remain relevant today in what we do when the world is constantly changing? We rely on two unshakeable aspects: God's Word and his character, and we want to continue to place them at the center of what we do today!

For example, this year at the Easter Service in Yverdon, an intergenerational camp, we found young people aged 12 to 22 motivated to reach out to our fellow citizens, serve them and proclaim Christ. But we hadn't taken enough time to train and equip them for this. We weren't ready for such a motivated team. The last straw for a movement celebrating its 40th anniversary this year!

We need to find new ways for a new era. Rediscover the depth of our evangelization, but also continue to find ways to make disciples in the everyday lives of children, young people and families, today and for the next 40 years. We must continue to root ourselves in his Word and in his character.

King's Kids celebrates its 40th anniversary in French-speaking Switzerland on September 21 in Yverdon. Join us to celebrate!

Loïc and Noémie Marsh


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