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YWAM in Basel

My name is Markus Buser. Born in Basel, I had the idea from childhood that I wanted to get involved with nations and cultures, that I wanted to have a big family and be an inventor. As a teenager, looking for meaning in my life, I became involved in a political group focusing on Latin America. I wanted to change the world, but I had a lot of anger inside me, especially because of my difficult relationship with my father.

In 1985/86, four different Christians who didn't know me approached me about Jesus and, after a few months, I accepted Jesus and forgave my father. This made all the difference and two of my best friends, my brother and my mother, became Christians.

Connecting with my childhood dreams, I realized I had a cross-cultural calling. YWAM opened the door for me to do my DTS in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1990, and I received a long-term missionary call with YWAM there.

Together with my wife Diana from Colombia, we began to welcome the big family I had dreamed of, and we also began to get involved in the YWAM plant in Cartagena, then El Salvador, Cuba, Linköping (Sweden), Wai (India) and other parts of Colombia.

But Basel has always been close to our hearts. Since 2009, we have regularly sent teams to this city and connected with the body of Christ in the region. Luz Leidy, who is now the base leader, started going with different teams, YWAM Wiler supported us with visas and cover, a team of 4 Colombians was formed in 2017 and was able to start the YWAM Basel base.

Our call for the city and region of Basel is to serve and unify the body of Christ, evangelize, work with people from the 170 nations present in the city, be active in the whole region which also includes Germany and France, work to eradicate biblical poverty through Bible distribution and Bible translation into Swiss-German (Baseldeutsch) and offer training with EFD, DBS, worship schools and other missionary schools.

There are plenty of opportunities to serve with teams or for individuals - you're welcome!

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