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YWAM in the Spheres

For years, Loren Cunningham has been encouraging us to not only be missionaries to the nations, but to invest in the spheres of society. To make disciples of the nations, we cannot just teach them to develop a spiritual life, but also a commitment that impacts their whole way of life, including their work.

These seven spheres of society are: family, government, economy, religion, education, media and celebration (arts, sports and entertainment).

However, full-time YWAMers on our bases and in our ministries cannot at the same time be involved in the transformation of the spheres. Some feel that God is calling them to prioritize this dimension. Thus, we have YWAMers involved in education (in Burtigny and Yverdon), in economy (in Burtigny), in agriculture (in Burtigny), in social work (in Yverdon), in entertainment (in Yverdon)...

We realize that YWAM is larger than YWAM. Over the decades, thousands of people have trained with YWAM or spent a few years serving with us. Tens of thousands of people have participated in worship evenings, seminars, camps, summer services or missionary tours, ... Many have all or part of the YWAM DNA in them. This is the YWAM movement, YWAMers at heart, friends of YWAM... Whatever we call them, this is a group we have neglected quite a bit. They are our missionaries in the spheres who are actually active in making disciples of the nations. This is certainly the greatest untapped potential of YWAM in the future.

YWAM trains nearly 25,000 people a year through its University in nearly 180 nations. 85% of them will return to their country, their city, their church after their training. Going to YWAM school is not, and should not be, a goal in itself. Joining YWAM is not an escape from professional life and responsibilities. If we want to see a wave of missionaries reach the French-speaking part of Switzerland and the nations, we must activate this YWAM movement in the coming years.

How can we do this? By creating support networks to nourish people's vision and motivation? By offering meetings to stimulate and encourage? The strategy is not yet defined, and it can be multiple. If you are interested in thinking about it and helping us develop it, contact us!


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