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YWAM Ships Switzerland

For the past 32 years, I've had the privilege of serving in YWAM's Ship ministry. We provide free medical services in developing countries. It's a privilege, and we see many lives transformed.

As always, we are refitting the Island Reach as a floating medical clinic with the help of volunteers and donations, enabling us to offer our services free of charge.

We have been fortunate to be able to count on equipment donated or given away at reduced prices, as well as skilled volunteers. For example, a maritime school in Wales removed both generators and refurbished them as part of an exercise for its trainees.

However, materials sometimes don't arrive on time. The weather can cause delays. Major financial donations or equipment are promised but never delivered. Contractors' quotes go up because new equipment is delivered faulty. The manufacturer replaced it under warranty, but we had to pay for it to be installed, tested, de-installed and re-installed, which tripled the labour costs...

So we're behind schedule for the departure of the m/v Island Reach for Madagascar and need to find more funding. If all goes well, we could still be sailing this summer. However, the weather window for sailing closes in September, which would push the voyage back to spring 2024.

For more information or to make a donation, go to: or contact:

Brian Sloan, captain of the m/v Island Reach


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