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Welcome at Café Lumen

We have just finished the first of two training sessions for volunteers who will be working at Café Lumen. The Café Lumen is due to open in November in the Pâquis district of Geneva.

Two years ago, following our work in partnership (intercession and evangelism) with the church of Les Buis in the district, it seemed right to continue our collaboration for the development of a café planned in the new church building still under construction at that time. So we committed ourselves to serve with them in this vision.

Today we have moved from dream to reality with the creation of an association called "Café-Culture" which aims to work on two facets: the Lumen café, whose profits will allow the development of cultural activities.

We want to offer cultural activities that will help develop the community aspect of the neighbourhood. Through a variety of activities, we want to meet people but also have them meet each other in a friendly place where they feel welcomed and loved. The programme is still under construction, including board games, theme evenings, political debates, parent-child events and seminars of all kinds.

Wherever possible, the café's vision is to use local and seasonal products and to be waste-free. Sourdough bread, paninis and other snacks will be available on site.

We look forward to welcoming you to Café Lumen in the coming months.

Jean-Philippe Godin, YWAM Geneva


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